9 Things To Know About Paloma Elsesser


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Paloma Elsesser, an American model, is dominating the runways and the modeling industry, but it wasn’t always this way. Elsesser became a major part of the body positivity movement in fashion after being discovered on social media, representing a wider range of body types and inspiring countless young girls. From Glossier to Nike, this model’s career is just getting started, but here are some facts about her that you may not have known.

1. She grew up in a musical family.

Paloma grew up in Los Angeles, the daughter of a Swiss-Chilean father and an African-American mother, and was exposed to a wide range of music. She described her childhood as “neo-bohemian” because she frequently went to music studios with her musician fathers and absorbed all kinds of tunes, from Bjork and Kate Bush to pop queen Christina Aguilera.

2. She studied literature as well as psychology.

Paloma is more than just a pretty face; in fact, she never imagined herself as a model. Elsesser wanted to be a writer or a psychologist when she was younger, and she even studied literature and psychology at New York University. She is still passionate about these fields and is interested in poetry.

3. Her greatest inspiration is Oprah.

You’d be mistaken if you assumed her biggest inspiration was someone in the fashion industry. For one reason, Oprah is her biggest role model. In an interview with Office Magazine, she stated, “She has transcended all of the barriers set in front of her, from relationship titles to acting.” Even in mainstream media, she does everything authentically.”