Take A Look At 60 Celebrities From The Past You Had No Idea.


If you know Angie Angie Dickinson from Police Woman, you know that’s what she hoped would happen. However, Police Woman wasn’t her only credit. Her acting career spans several decades.

Her life bears a significant success imprint. Dickinson has appeared in more than 50 movies in her six-decade acting career. Before appearing on Police Woman, she was a successful actress who gained notoriety for her roles in Rio Bravo with John Wayne and Ocean’s 11 with the Rat Pack. Then, as her fame increased, she became one of the country’s biggest movie stars. She also appeared in Dressed to Kill, Wild Palms, Sabrina, and Pay It Forward. Aside from the big screen, she also made cameos in television shows. Her most recent appearances were in the 2004 television series Judging Amy, and she played the lead in the 2009 Hallmark Channel program Mending Fences.